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Monday movie: The Dragons Quest (machinima)

This is a lovely short movie that I couldn’t wait until my usual Wednesday film day to share. Unlike a lot of machinima shot in Second Life, this has a plot and characters as well as great settings and a fitting soundtrack. The creator, Gib Niekerk, takes inspiration from the books of Robin Hobb.

Tip of the hat to Wurfi, who also shared this link if the version below is blocked in your country:

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Mid-week machinima break

A lovely little machinima filmed in Second Life.

Little Marie from Pepa Cometa on Vimeo.

[Tip of the hat to Jac Mornington, who sent a note about this video. Among other things, Jac is one of the folks behind the gorgeous Santaurio sim, which provides some of the settings in the film.]


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Virtually News with AvaJean Westland

Today I was pleased to attend the in-Second Life premiere of AvaJean Westland’s machinima project, “Virtually News”. There was a great turn-out for the premiere at the LEA Theatre and you can see her video right here:

Photos from the premiere:


AvaJean (in the red gown) and some of the others who worked on the project


Some of the premiere audience

The content of this video isn’t a perfect match for my sense of humor, but I appreciate the time and work that went into writing, blocking, acting, shooting, and editing this piece. The discussion after the screening was interesting. I wish I was more inclined to learn the tools to do work like this, and I really admire those who do.

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