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Wednesday film(s): Mars!

I have three Mars-related clips to share today.  The first is a short animated film about a geologist studying Mars before it is terraformed.  The second is the new trailer for The Martian, which, in my household, invoked finger-crossing and the ritual chant of “please don’t suck! please don’t suck!” The third film, from earlier this year, profiles volunteers on the shortlist for the Mars One mission. For some critical coverage Mars One, this Matter article is a good place to start. (It’s actually the end of a three-story chain: the first explaining Mars One, and the second with claims from one of the finalists who quit, exposing the program as, if not an outright hoax, at least hoax-ish.) I find it interesting just to see some of the dreamers who applied.


The Red Witch from Aron Bothman on Vimeo.


If I Die on Mars from Guardian News & Media Ltd on Vimeo.

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Wednesday film: Kite (Unreal Engine 4 tech demo)

I am awed by the graphic capabilities that exist now. This is a cute two minute film, but the description makes it even more incredible to me:

Created by Epic Games, Kite is a short film about a boy as he pursues his stray kite through a diverse and beautifully realized landscape. Everything you see is generated in real time by Unreal Engine 4 at 30fps. This demo showcases Unreal Engine large world features, photo reconstruction and procedural asset placement.


Update: If you want more behind-the-scenes technical information, I found the fantastic talk below. I won’t claim to understand all of it — I still struggle with the basics of SL recording (I won’t call my efforts machinima!) — but still, wow.


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Wednesday film: a robot love story

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I thought a robot love story would be appropriate for a mid-week break. Kurzschluss (Short Circuit) might not offer a storybook ending, but it’s sweet in its own way.

KURZSCHLUSS from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

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Wednesday film: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Today’s mid-week break film won an Oscar for best animated short film in 2012. It uses a variety of animation methods, from hand-drawn and stop action to CGI, and it’s especially fun if you’re a bibliophile like me.

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