Virtual sightseeing: Ferrari Scuderia

22 Feb

It’s still three weeks before the start of the Formula 1 racing season. Jakob and I watch races together and since we’re both tired of being indoors, I proposed a trip to the Galleria Scuderia Italia in Second Life.

Galleria Scuderia Italia in SL

Not an official Ferrari area, this is the largest private collection of Ferraris in SL, beautifully presented. Car modelers in SL do some marvelous work. I wander virtual auto dealerships for fun sometimes, but I’ve never seen a display as remarkable as this. The cars are arranged in a light-filled museum-like building.

GSI - browsing

What I love about this place is that the cars aren’t just lined up. Posed statues and realistic details are used to give the area life and context.

GSI - realistic details

But of course, the cars are amazing, too, inside and out. Cars aren’t sold here, but some of the information cards have links to dealerships.

GSI - closeup

Stop by the bar for a glass of champagne, and if you join the group, you can pick up a couple of nice Ferrari models at the “store” (not really a store). I’ve got one sitting on my virtual mantle.

GSI reception area

The Galleria is a place I discovered one day when I teleported to an SL mainland continent and started walking along the street. There’s more privacy and control on private islands, but you don’t get the wonder of stumbling on something unexpected.

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