Online and offline worlds collided and everyone survived!

05 Dec

As I said more eloquently in an update to yesterday’s post, I suck at interpersonal communication. I needed to be pushed to go outside my comfort zone and take a risk, and I did.

The best news: Jakob will be ok! He had surgery to remove a benign brain tumor this morning and will be in Intensive Care overnight, but his doctor says that he is recovering well and should be fine.


I found Jakob’s sister on two social media sites and sent her identical notes in broken German in both places. To my overwhelming relief, she responded within an hour. Jakob had asked her to contact me yesterday! She was glad that I found her, she gave me the information about him, and she said that she’d like to stay in touch. She was very sweet and welcoming. I wonder what conversations she and her brother had in his hospital room.

Jakob’s sister and I are now connected on Facebook. His two carefully separated worlds have smashed together and as near as I can tell, the planet is still spinning as expected.

Time will tell if Jakob can recover most or all of his communication skills, but I’m optimistic. It seems he’s through the worst of the danger now and I think a gif dance party is in order.







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