SL Cirque de Seraphim raising money for the ASPCA

11 Nov


I’m not an Second Life news or fashion blogger, but I will mention something interesting in-world from time to time. Last night I spent an hour wandering around the Cirque de Seraphim two-sim event. Like most large sales events in SL, this features kiosks from a variety of designers. Their unique creations for this show are circus-themed, though some have padded their spaces with non-circus items as well.

Cirque de Seraphim is also a fundraiser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Each designer kiosk has one or more items for sale with 50% of the purchase price going to the ASPCA. Seraphim is being exceptionally transparent about the fundraising, which currently stands at over 400,000 L$, or about $1600 in US dollars. Though my rescue pit bull didn’t come from an ASPCA shelter, I’ve adopted from them in the past and appreciate the work they do. I couldn’t resist taking a ride on the dog above because his markings were like my favorite beastie:


The event runs until November 26th so there’s still plenty of time to visit. Other than the sales kiosks, there are a bunch of rides and places for photo opportunities. I had fun just playing among the scenery. I can’t say I need more circus-themed items, but there were some nice pose packs, cute toys, and sexy outfits on offer. You can see a map of the event and some item previews at the Cirque de Seraphim site. Here are the SLurls to the two sims of the event: Sim 1, Sim 2.

One side note: I wish more designers would use vendor systems that allow gift giving, or that they would offer versions of their products that are transferable. I would have bought several more items at the event if gift-giving was possible at more kiosks.


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