Excuse this squeeful fangirl moment

24 Oct
Baymax Poster by Berkay Daglar of the Poster Posse

Poster by Berkay Daglar –, via io9

I haven’t stood in line for the first showing of a movie since an ex-boyfriend dragged me to some godawful Star Wars prequel. The one with Jar Jar. Yeah, exactly. Kinda soured me on the experience. But I’m so ridiculously excited for Big Hero 6 that I might have to do it.

Why? Baymax. The first superhero I can relate to! He’s awkward, slow, …generously proportioned…, socially oblivious, kind, and he’s a mess in low energy mode. We saw the first trailer and my husband and I exchanged looks. “That’s me!”  “That’s you!”

I watch documentaries every week. I enjoy a good drama. I like big dark thrillers and action films. But this year, I’m loving the feel good superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and, fingers crossed, Big Hero 6.


I am not fast either, Baymax. Now, could someone make me a set of rocket-boosted carbon fiber armor?

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