The robotic future: “Humans Need Not Apply”

15 Aug

The video below from CGP Grey is more pessimistic than my opinion and overstates some numbers, but it is a broad, persuasive look at the current and near future of robots in every workplace. It’s fifteen minutes long and I recommend watching the entire thing if you have time.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the economic options for humans displaced by humans. There will be more jobs in programming and robot service, sure, but what will the rest of us do? Some people insist that this scenario makes the case for a guaranteed minimum income for everyone. Hmm. Perhaps. That would require a significant overhaul of our economic priorities and increased corporate taxation, which hasn’t been popular in my country. I’m not an economist and I prefer to avoid angry political arguments, so I’ll back away from that one and see what the experts come up with. However, I expect this to be an issue in my lifetime.

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