Link round-up: Robots everywhere!

09 Jul

Blame it on the summer sun, another set of relatives visiting soon, or other things taking my attention this week, but I can’t seem to put together a thoughtful post. Forgive me if I find a comfy spot on the couch and share some links to robot-related tidbits below.


The Robot Revolution Is Here, and Growing – MIT Technology Review. This short piece talks about why robots are a hot topic right now, namely that the prices for some key components have plummeted, making R&D more affordable.

A Robots podcast about the development of a code of ethics for Human Computer Interaction practitioners. The audio runs about 27 minutes and there is a free pdf of the paper proposing the ethical code. If, like me, you get frustrated with audio and video that don’t have transcripts, the pdf is thought-provoking and worth skimming.

IBM’s Watson turned its copious computing power to recipes recently. Not how to sort the ridiculous hoard of recipe bookmarks I’ve saved and will probably never use, but how to create human foods that are pleasurable. Chef Watson ran the Bon Appétit test kitchen for day (with recipes) and Bon Appétit also provided a behind-the-scenes look at how Chef Watson works.

And finally, Düsseldorf’s airport is offering robot valet parking service. The video below is in German but easy to understand.

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