06 Jun

About ten years ago, I left a stressful job and traveled for about a year before going back to work.  At the time, it was possible to find free WiFi at places like Panera or if I parked close to the unsecured lobby WiFi at a hotel, but it took some hunting and was unreliable. Cell phone coverage was spotty, too. I had a satellite dish installed on my RV so that I could provide my Internet connection, though I had a hard time getting a signal even then.

Nowadays I’m surprised when I find myself in a cell and WiFi dead zone. I’m sure there are vast rural and wilderness areas where this is the case, but those aren’t my normal habitat anymore. I feel a little distress that comes from my expectation of instant gratification: I want to send this photo now, not wait until I’m back in a town!

This is my way of saying I’ll be gone for about a week.  I’ll be offline and out of cell range, sleeping in a tent, fishing, beach combing, cooking over an open fire, and every now and then biking to the nearest WiFi signal so I can check and send quick messages. Keep the Internet running smoothly while I’m gone, ok? No wild parties!

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Posted by on June 6, 2014 in Side Topics


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