High Fidelity’s proposed system architecture

29 Apr


Philip Rosedale posted this on his High Fidelity blog last week and the comments have been thoughtful and constructive so far; be sure to read them if you click over to see Rosedale’s summary. This diagram is a bit out of my depth.  My husband has been building a tool for me in SL and has voiced surprise about how the current architecture there contributes to lag problems; I’ll hope that critically-thinking network minds are examining this closely.

I find myself most interested about topics that came up in the comment stream, like those about cryptocurrency and the idea of setting an upper byte limit for avatars per domain, based on mesh plus textures plus LOD (level of detail). I was mortified recently to discover that my render weight for the low-script outfit I wore to a conference was shockingly high.  I’ve become a bit obsessed with looking at the render weight of avatars wherever I go and keeping mine in the green or yellow range when I leave home. Some sims in SL will ban entry based on script count, but I haven’t come across any that evaluate based on render weight. Penny Patton wrote a thoughtful post last year about ways that creators and builders could improve the experience for all; much of it coming down to the pixel size of textures and physical scale. Individual residents can also use those tips if they have some tech-savvy, but if HiFi plans to allow an upper byte limit, they’ll need to make sure that default behavior by average users does not exceed whatever emerges as the community standard. Starter avatars wearing freebies are lag monsters in SL now. Rumor is that SL plans to offer mesh avatars alongside the standard starter avatars soon (with Ebbe Linden’s avatar being one of the new models coming soon), but while those might look nicer for less render weight, they add to the already complex problem of finding/making clothes and accessories that fit.


My avatar today (un-Photoshopped) with a render weight of 19494.

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