Virtual Reality wearables

25 Mar

I had drafted the post below and saved it for a final edit before I saw the news that Facebook bought Oculus. Hmm.  I treasure the interactions and possibilities of virtual worlds and I’ve watched Facebook devolve into a jumble of ads, requests for Candy Crush lives, and out of sequence zombie posts. This is not exciting news to me.

I’ve coveted an Oculus Rift headset for a while (and even more now that Second Life put out a call for OR/SL beta testers). Last week, Sony entered the arena with an upcoming VR headset for the PS4, codenamed Morpheus.  However, as much as I really want a first generation VR headset, I hope they are only a brief flicker in the evolution of this technology. The current headset designs make me think of strapping on one of these:


Don’t get me wrong; I loved my View-Master as a kid and hope it’s still tucked away in my parents’ attic somewhere. But as a 3D viewing technology, it’s bulky and limited.  I dream of something more like the holobands that were used to access V-World on the science fiction TV series Caprica:


Holobands are closer in size to a binocular Google Glass and I understand that they are fictional, but I see them as having several advantages over the current Gen One headsets.  As someone with long, fine hair, I look at the Sony proposed design and the OR and know that I’d need a strategy to avoid getting snagged all the time. If you have a loved one who already complains about your absorption in gaming or a virtual world, completely blocking him/her off with a dark headset isn’t going to improve the situation.  And, I can’t help wondering if the experience would be bearable for my claustrophobic friends.

A Glass-like headset works fine for reality augmentation but may never be able to create the sensation of virtual presence and immersion.  I still suspect that VR headsets will have limited adoption until they’re closer to that size and weight.  So Mr. Zuckerberg, if you’re listening: I’d happily test a Rift to prove myself wrong and do field QA for future releases. Ping me for my info. Oh wait; I’m pretty sure you have it.

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